Hello Pranathi,

Sorry that you are having problems. Instead, use this Galaxy tool and the links directly between Galaxy and SRA to add the fastq data to your history:

1 - Get Data -> EBI SRA ENA SRA

2 - Enter "SRR192339" into the query box and click on search

3 - At the far right in the bottom table, under the "Fastq" tab, find a column named Galaxy, and under it a link for this data "Fastq file#1". Click on this, and the dataset should start loaded into the current active history.

When you import data, be sure to note the other information about the experiment on the SRA form, so that you will know how to prepare the data for use in Galaxy. Note that you cannot load HTML data into Galaxy, so the index itself cannot be transferred directly. However you could copy and paste this into a plain text file (plain .txt, not .html), and upload that, if you wanted to keep a tracking history with the data.

This particular data was generated by the Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx technology, which creates data that is compatible with ".fastqsanger" format in Galaxy. It is also single end. This simplifies the data prep - simply assign the datatype as ".fastqsanger" and it is ready to use with tools. Starting with "FastQC" is generally considered a good idea.

Good luck with your project,

Galaxy team

ps: Please note the corrected mailing list address "galaxy-u...@bx.psu.edu".

On 10/19/12 11:31 PM, pranathi pappu wrote:
  Dear Sir /Madam ,

  I have been i have been trying to upload  NGS Datasets from NCBI protein
     database onto the "Galaxy" website so that i could go on with my
work  but then i have been getting a result like this :
     33: SRR192339.sra
     format: txt, database:
     Info: The uploaded binary file contains inappropriate content

     This has been the case with almost all the files that i have been
trying to
     upload . Please help me with this and i would be greatful if you
could direct me to the right person who can help me sort this matter out .
     Thanking you
     Pranathi Pappu

Jennifer Jackson
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