Hello Johan and team, good afternoon.

I finally finished the Import Google Contacts plugin. You can try and
review from

I configured my eclipse with the php code snifer to follow the pear coding
standards. Let me know if there is still something not good about styles,
its first time to use this.

There is a small Readme.txt file with the basic details you need to know in
order to configure the google authentication details.

One think I was trying to do while cleaning the code was to write some unit
tests using Atoum. The only test that its working is the HelloWorld sample
test of Atoum tutorial :-) . I had issues with the required_once,
namespaces and file locations as I tried to put classes into /classes but
it did not work. If you could help the to setup a simple test for the
GoogleContcatsClient.php could be very useful for me to cover as much code
as possible with proper test cases.

Another issue that I had is about running the plugin a second time. When an
adherent already exists the check function, of the Adherent class, fails
and I  am not able to add more data to that adherent. Is there any way to
check the import values are correct for an already existing member? That
could allow this plugin to do proper synchronization from Gmail to Galette.
Its in my TODO list, but any help on this could be very useful as well.

The HTML and CSS are basic, no styles for now. If I have time later on I
will work on that.

Please send me any further suggestion or comment in order to improve this

Many thanks, kind regards
Marc Andreu,
Galette-devel mailing list

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