Hi Marc,

Le 09/01/2014 13:23, Marc Andreu Fernandez a écrit :
> Hello Joahn, happy new year

Happy new year :)

> I will start by trying to translate gallete to Catalan and Spanish later
> on. I just requested a new language in Transifex as you recommended.

I've seen the request on transifex, thank you.

I have to update translations on transifex (they're a bit out of date),
then you can begin to translate. I guess I'll do that this evening or

> Please give me some guidance about what to do next.

I'm not transifex expert, but once the new language created, you'll have
to retrieve the .po file, translate it (with tools like poedit or
lokalize), and send it back to transifex.

To integrate the new translation into Galette, I'll have to make some
changes; but for tests purposes, you may do it on you side :)

To test, temporary replace fr_FR.utf8.po with your translated po file,
go to the lang directory in command line, and then just run "make". That
will compile mo files and generate relevant php files.
You should see your new translations live after that; let me know if you
have problems.

Note that translations on transifex will always use the develop branch,
actually for the 0.8 release.
I do not have anything in place for plugins, but if you want to
translate some of them, I'll be happy to setup them on transifex as well.


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