Hi all and Jim,
This week I thought I would make up a new sound theme for Mach1 racing 
when I discovered an "Oh so lovely" bug in the game. It appears for some 
reason the game only likes the wav files supplied with the game and 
absolutely nothing else. Most of the effects are 11000 KHZ 8 byt mono 
which I would hope to have something of a bit higher quality.
Anyway, I started by remaking the voice files by using Neospeech Paul 
for the game voice, and the game blew up. I then took the approach Jim 
has the wav format set to look for only 1000 KHZ 8 byt files so I 
changed my voice files over to that format, dropped them in, and same 
problem. Big big crash.
I can theorise why this is happening, but I am confused as to why Jim 
would do such a thing. I am guessing the game is specifically checking 
for size or byt rates, etc and if that is the case there is no reason to 
do so. DirectX 8 and 9 can automaticly detect that info and adjust 
Jim can you tell me why my files are being rejected, and what I have to 
do to make mach1 except my files? If I can even do it without your source?

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