I know that there are a load of people that are on here that do the tests at 
blind-games.com forums.
Does anyone have any idea how to navigate the thing.
Its a mess.
I posted on there about it but I have no idea if it went in the right place or 
if I should post to 2 places.
Truth of the matter is that I may have to quit, not saying I will at this stage 
but this forum is a real pain.
I managed to post about the stuff I have managed to get from testing the game 
however I wll be on vacation for 14 days starting this friday.
And thee when I return I will have updates, journals, blogs, email, etc to do 
to my system as wel as others.
Then there is the forum.
I thought I could live with it yesterday but today, its got really bad.
Ok maybe I'm just not used to forums but can there be alternits for those that 
don't like forums or have issues with them?
I know jason you are trying your best but this forum system is really doing my 
head in.
Can you please try to fix it?
Sorry all for posting this on here but I thought I should really ask.
If anyone has ideas how I can navigate things ok then tell me please.
If I need firefox or something I'll do it, I have ie6 for now but if its easier 
I can do it easily.

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