Hi John,
I'm glad you like my news letter. I attempt to be as informative as 
possible about what I am doing, and try to connect with everyone as best 
as possible.
In this case we both share an interest in Java, and so far I am very 
happy I have started porting everything to Java. It is performing well 
for a language not compiled to native code, and the new warm startup for 
Java classes Sun added to Java 6 really kick butt with exicution speed. 
That's really the main reason i decided to go with Java 6 instead of 
Java 5. The execution speeds of Java 6 applications has been really 
updated and run smoother than before. In a game playing several sound 
clips and performing hundreds of concurrent processor intensive threads 
really need that added boost in execution speed.
By the way,since we are talking about Java 6 verses Java 5 a friendly 
tech tip came my way this afternoon that might be of interest to you. A 
fellow blind Mac user emailed me after my news letter went out, and 
pointed out that Apple has released a Java 6 upgrade for Mac OS Leopard. 
I went to the Apple site and found out they now have Java 1.6.0_05 so it 
looks like all of my operating systems are covered as far as a 
compatible Java runtime is concerned.


I'll be in touch with 7128 in a couple of days about the stuff we 
discussed a month or so back off list. Please, pass that on to Synthia, 
and tell her if she wants to call I think she has my home phone number 
or I will call her once I locate the email with her email address and 
phone number.

John Bannick wrote:
> Thomas,
> Your monthly USA Games Newsletter is a wealth of technical information.
> You've saved me a lot of time, and pain, doing technical research for our
> own games.
> I'm particularly pleased that you are moving to Java. As in, lots more
> good information yours truly can use.
> Keep up the good work.
> John Bannick
> 7-128 Software

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