My feelings exactly. Personally, it has been my experience the guys who 
get attacked, blown up, sort of have it comeing to them. Either they act 
too winy, they are absolute passifists, or they are trying to play as a 
single player in a multiplayer universe. They need to understand if they 
are going to join a pvp style game then there are bound to be other 
players, characters, on their who will not value what they value. Your 
ship is just  a target to them to be blown up, and if you appear to be a 
reject so much the better. Out there in the pvp world sometimes it is 
kill or be killed or the survival of the toughest and smartest. Can't 
hack it get out of the game.
Unfortunately, for me I run a pretty busy life, and don't have time to 
hang around on muds these days. However, when I was looking at muds a 
couple of years back I didn't get all wishy-washy when things didn't go 
my way. My feeling was if I decided to stick with that mud I would get 
myself built up and go after the guy who screwed me over and kick his 
butt or lose in a fair fight. I considered it a challenge, and stopped 
looking at myself as a victem, poor me, I got screwed attitude.

> Thanks Tom for voicing what I just said. As I said earlier... if you don't 
> like a certain character, best thing is to avoid them...

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