Hi Piotru,
 No offense, but some might view your general attitude in this message 
childish and a bit of a defeatest attitude. Come on it is just a game. 
There is no need to get yourself so worked up, angry, and crying over 
the fact your ship got blown up.
If I got angry, started crying, everytime I lost in a game or something 
unexpected happened in the game i don't think playing games would be 
that enjoyable. Well, Miriani is a player verses player game, and yes 
there are some that like to bully other players on there. Well, instead 
of getting yourself so worked up why not start over, save up the money, 
and get yourself your own battle cruiser and blow him out of the galaxy. 
Now, that earns you respect, and if you come off with a wining poor baby 
me attitude you are painting a target on your back.
No one, including me, really likes having to put up with winers, 
complainers, and those who scream fowel everytime they get bbeaten in a 
As others have said you need to stand up for yourself in a way that 
earns you respect. Ifyou earn that respect the Patrick's of the world 
will generally leave you alone. Respect is earned not given. So if you 
come off to fellow players saying you are so upset you were crying over 
loosing a ship I can pretty much guess they will say, "get a life, man."
The point of a game is to have fun. Yeah, it sucks lemons you lost your 
ship. Big deal it can be replaced. You will just have to work hard 
enough to get it back. Giving up and crying over it won't get your ship 
back will it?

Piotru wrote:
> Many people quit because of you, I had A nice person, and we decided to haul 
> a roid so that I would look and get the anchors, and he would go with the 
> haul process. he returned from a long time a go to playing, and something 
> happened, you! showed! up!
> Then, that person never returned to playing, and I really wanted to get  in 
> touch with him.
> I promice, You will end up dedd some day!
> I never was so angry, and this was my first time crying at the computer.
> scroo you patty!
> scroo! you!
> ok i'll now stop, I don't want to brake any guide lines smile.

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