Ok, going to reply to 3 different messages here.

Not sure if you've gotten past all this che, but if you've got the latest 
version of the patch you should see just about everything on the screen to 
start with. I think the only thing you can see if your patch isn't working 
properly is some of the travel screen, aka planets and jump points, but you 
wouldn't be able to buy ships, upgrade equipment and such. The battle screen 
I think has been workable from the start, though I'm not entirely sure. 
Either way I believe the patches upgrade from any version to the latest 
version, so if you unzipped everything odds are you've got the latest 

As for the scan mode, that's mostly for finding pirates and getting into spy 
missions and abduction missions and such. The options are actually attack, 
communicate and back, and back's the one you want.

Dark, as of right now fleet combat isn't very accessible. Basically it looks 
a bit like this. You have 3 options. Attack target yourself, selected escort 
attacks and emergency shield recharge. Well I guess you have retreat as 
well, but who in their right mind would ever use that option? *grin*. What 
you can do, with jaws at least, is click on the graphics that are across 
from eachother. In all the fleet missions I've seen, you get a fleet of 3 
ships escorting you, 2 destroyers and a cruiser, and you go up against the 
same and 3 battleships, so you're actually pretty heavily outnumbered. Once 
you've beaten the two destroyers and the cruiser on the enemy side though, 
the 3 battleships don't show up as graphics, so your only real option is to 
run the mouse straight up from the attack buttonand hope for the best trying 
to click on the next ship symbol to select your target. The one thing I 
haven't tried yet is ground combat, I can't figure out how to engage it, but 
supposedly there's supposed to be missions or raids of some kind where you 
can take your crew to a planet and drop your marines planet side and kind of 
supress the planets army in that fashion. I'm not sure if he scrapped that 
idea or not. Either way, even without it, smugglers4 has tons of features 
and is probably the closest thing to a completely accessible RPG we'll get 
in a long time. I love it. 

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