Hi all.

Well I had finally saved up enough nickels and went and picked up a
playstation 2 at E B Games the other day.  I decided to get the slim one
because it is significantly smaller than the other so easier to take
with you if you want to game somewhere other than home.  I was a little
short on cash so I do not have a memory card for it yet and could only
afford one game so I chose Soul Calibur II which is made by Namco the
same outfit that puts out the tekken series.  This one is a lot of fun
and it was dirt cheap so I would highly recommend it to anyone who has
or is planning to get a ps2.  When my cash situation is a little better
I intend to get a memory card so I can save and resume games as well as
of course pick up some more titles, the e b games store near me has a
pretty good selection of both new and used ps2 titles.

By the way, the copy of Soul Calibur II that I bought did not come with
a manual, do any of you guys know if the manual is useful to us at all?
If so and if anybody has a copy they have scanned please send it my way.
The ps2 did not come with a manual either, fortunately those are
available on the Sony ps2 support site.  Just as a minor point of
interest, the guy at E B Games that was helping me out did not seem
particularly surprised that I was buying the ps2, either that or he hid
it real well, so I wonder if more of us are starting to buy these
systems than we think.  I suppose he could have figured I was buying the
thing for somebody else but I was pretty obvious about the fact that I
was looking for specific games that I could play.

Game On.



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