Heya Tyler.

Yes the guy at the store already warned me about that heating issue, he
said that is really the only potential problem with the slim model.  No
you don't want to leave the thing powered on all the time but as he said
that is really not the greatest thing in the world to do with any of
them although yes you could get away with it more with the bigger ps2
because of the internal cooling fan.  The way I believe he put it was
that these guys who like to sit and game for ten or 15 hours straight
get the bigger ones because of the internal fan.  I don't put myself in
that category though so am not real worried about it.  Yes these things
do seem to be very well made and reliable, a rarity these days.

As for the ps2 stuff you have, well if you seriously want to part with
some of it get a list together along with what you want for each title
or item and let me know either off list or on and I will see if I am
interested.  I am not sure about what shipping will be from up where you
are to here so I am frankly not sure if it is even worth doing but we
can certainly talk about it.  I have a PayPal account as well so that is
no problem.

Game on.


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Hi there

Just a word of warning. Don't leave that there system powered up for
than 4 or 5 hours. It gets hot. I personally loved my fatter one and 
honestly regret selling the poor thing. I stil have all the games though
am wondering if anyones wanting to buy them (now that I have a pay pal 

Anyway, memory cards rock. I also seriously recommend checking out
3. The takedown mode is totally fun, also if you play with a friend
mode is helarious. I got someone to beat it for me, I wish there was a
to send the save to you, I probably stil have my memory card lying
here someplace.

Congrats on buying it! I like the fat one, though, simplay because of
cooling fan (I had that thing powered up for 8 days, constantly. If that

doesn't give you an idea of how reliable that is, I dunno what will).
yeah. Tekken 4 and 5, and tag tourniment, and tekken 3! Don't forget
mortal kombat deception simply because of nightwolf!

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Hp pavillion dv5220CA notebook pc
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100 gb 4500 RPM Hard Drive, connecsant AC-link audio

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