Heya Clement and all.

Nope you did not mix up the functions of the square and triangle.
Thanks for the controls list by the way, that should come in handy
especially the extra left and right buttons as I am not real familiar
with those yet.  Yes I did find a complete moves list on gamefaqs but it
is going to take some time to go through it and sort of figure out what
the different things do with the different characters.  Should keep me
busy for a while.

Game on.


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Atta boy tom. lol. Go for a ps2.

As for the soul calibur manuals, they aren't particularly useful to
controlls and that can be found in a guide on any gaming site. Issues
that is that the guides use a particular legend, and it's quite
for the get go. Controlls are below, for anyone curious.

Square = horrizontal slash
Triangle = vertical slash
circle = kick
x = guard, down x = low guard
r2 = soul charge
r1 = kick
l1 = guard as well
l2 = suqare and triangle buttons together

I might've mixed up square and triangle. lol. Pity there aren't a lot of

weapon-based fighting games for the ps2. At least, not in north america.
Japan there are just tons of them. lol. But few of the mget released
All the samurai showdown games for the ps2, kengo 2, bleach: blade
7 blades... those are all japan-only titles. Dang them companies.

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