for some very odd reason, i got nasty crashy things with ie whenever I tried to 
play this game, which is slightly disappointing sinse my tabletop rp sessions 
of Mutants and masterminds each weekend have given me a soft spot for super 

anyway, for whatever reason, it's working now! 

I like thus far, especially the emphasis on exploration without the being 
utterly lost which occurred in KoL, and the fact that the game is vaguely 
structured so quests are progressive. 

Also, while I liked KoL's random humer, it did make solving puzles rather a 
pest, which made things quite frustrating for someone like me who enjoys 
completing quests.

Also, from what I can determine of the time system, you get far more turns than 
in KoL, which would be good, sinse I got quite frustrated with KoL, as it got 
to the point where I'd rapidly run out of turns, and the only way to get more 
was spending money, ----- which seemed even rarer than turns. 

the labeling also seems better than KoL, which is nice.

on the down side though, the time system does mean i'll have to wait until 
tomorrow before I can get on with my next quest sinse the place I need to go is 

also in terms of interface, it'd be really nice to have some way of examining 
items in a shop before buying them. Several times now I've found myself buying 
stuff then realizing I couldn't use it, which in a game with limited money is a 
real pest! 

speaking of money, cash to level up is a real problem. right now I'm level 2 
and have enough Xp to move up to three, but am a good 300 chips short. Sinse I 
don't appear to be able to gain anymore Xp until i finish leveling, this is 
rather unfair imho. 

the same thing happened at level one, as I spent all the cash I got on 
equipment (some of it mistakenly due to the afformentioned labling issue), and 
sitting there constantly going through my dustbin until i had either enough 
stuff to sell or was lucky with a lottery tickit just wasn't fun! especially 
with the glorious 1 in all stats at level 1, my chances of doing anything else 
without getting my rear kicked were zero! 

If any of these problems are just newby issues, ---- please let me know. 

to anyone who's been playing for a while and feeling generous, i'd personally 
rather have hints than uba items or cash gifts, sinse I'd like to get there all 
the same. 

sorry if this sounds unpleasant, but I know what a generous bunch some people 
here are. 

Oh, and one question, ---- what do gold and silver stars do for your character? 

that's about it, well i'd better actually try and do something constructive 

Beware the Grue! 

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