Hi there,

Looking to order rail racer. Have some questions about multiplayer racing and 
other things. 

1. I want to get this for more than 1 computer. Are the keys computer based?
2. When I join a game, do I get a list of games to join? Or if I start a game, 
can I name it?
3. What if I'd only like to have 1 person race me? Is there a way to control 
4. What ports do I have to have open on my router when I start a game?
5. How do classes work? How much money to you get for getting in first place? 
How many opponents are there in each race?
6. Does anyone know if Che's done a multiplayer tutorial- or am I missing 


contact details:


and others
skype: the_conman283

system details:
Hp pavillion dv5220CA notebook pc
AMD Turion(tm) 64 Mobile Technology ML-37 2.0 GHZ, 1024 mb DDR ram, Fujitsu 100 
gb 4500 RPM Hard Drive, connecsant AC-link audio
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