Hi Tyler,
The game is smart enough not to let you race on atrack that is to difficult for you. All of the various tracks have a class rating. If you are only a class 1 or class 2 racer it won't let you race on tracks that are rated class 3 and above. It is as simple as that. As far as not having something all I can say is save your earnings from the races you win. Do a lot of practice off line so that you can purchase all of the upgrades you can before going on to a multiplayer race that requires a certain upgrade to race a difficult track. Now, as I recall if you are say a class 5 racer with all upgrades and you play a multiplayer game with a class 1 racer some of your upgrades will be disabled so you and the class 1 racer will have somewhat of a fun and fair race. Rail Racer won't let a class 5 racer play with all upgrades enabled on a clas 1 track with a new class 1 racer. It is smart enough to even it out so the race is fair. It will be your skill and experience that will give you the advantage on that track and not all kinds of upgrades. Now, Che can correct me on this because I am really not sure. I believe if you want to install and play Rail Racer on 4 computers you must purchase a key for each system. Che is using a hardware key system so that his games aren't being abused and pirated.

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