this is a message for tom and other mods, sinse I'm afraid I've not got the 
contact details. 

Recently, we had a message on the audiogames.net forum about the uk charity 
Action for blind people who want to start promoting accessible games, and begin 
with some sort of game pole. (you can read the topic on 

I've had a chat to jason, their media officer about this, and it's sounding 
like a really great idea. The only problem is, jason is having trouble 
subscribing to this list. 

he sent an E-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED], and can recieve E-mails, but not send 

he then sent an E-mail as requested to mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] but more 
bounsing occurred. he then sent another e-mail to mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] and 
more bouncing occurred. 

he's naturally quite puzled. any advice, ---- and or fixing his subscription 
would be very helpful. 

thanks in advance, 


Ps: appologies for cluttering up the list, I would have sent this directly     
to tom ward, but I'm not sure if the e-mail address I've got [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
is the current one, ---- and obviously it would help if this was fixed 
relatively quickly.
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