Hi Sean.

the Eamon stuff apparently comes with basic, which is probably why it runs okay on my windows Xp machine and doesn't require me to use dosbox or similar.

what I found is when the games are maximized to full screen (as they are by default), hal can't interact with them at all, so it's necessary to press alt enter to get them back to a manageable console window.

the games themselves are actually text, however by default the main hall (where you access all the other games), is graphical.

You can alter this in the control panel (option 7 from the first menue, ---- then option 2 to alter).

there is unfortunately one miner issue. The program uses a huge amount of menues, ---- arrow keys and enter style menues.

while the options are readable, it's a highlight box which actually shows you what option you've selected. Unless you can check the text colour or highlighting, there won't be an indication with a screen reader.

Once you actually start one of the adventure games though, everything is pretty standard if stuff, ---- with a limited parza, but heavy focus on turn based combat and stats.

the only issue I'm having currently with hal is that when windowed, some longer lines of text seem to disappear off the edge of the window and not be displayed. i'm mucking about with console window settings to try and fix this, ---- but any suggestions would be appreciated.

Beware the Grue!


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