Hi Bryan,
Ah, I see. Now, that is a big problem since programming in general is based upon Algebra. in Algebra they use variables such as x instead of a number to perform some kind of math. Well, in programming the concept applies throughout the development process, not just with math, but in comparing states of this or that. Though, one difference in programming instead of a simple variable like x you can give your variables real names like health, weapon, and ammo.

if (weapon ==1)
if (weapon == 2)
if (weapon == 3)

If I wanted to I could have used a more Algebra like expression and removed the word weapon and replaced it with x. However, that would make the code less self-explanitory, but no matter which way you want to write it the concept of using variables instead of numbers is based on Algebra. It is just a slightly more safisticated way to do an expression. For example let us try a simple math formula.
3 = x+2
We don't know what x is here but we know the answer is 3 and one of the numbers is two. So we would rewrite the formula
x = 3-2
which has the answer 1.
In programming we can write a simple formula like
z = x+y
and plug numbers into x and y and return the result for z just as easily.

Bryan Peterson wrote:
Well the Algebra is the very thing I hae issues with, particularly when there are letters involved. I just never could get the hang of it. It's quite a long story actually.

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