There is an ammo pack hidden in the room.
From the exit door, This is not the one you came in by, move one left and
all the way back. Don't worry, you won't hit the electricity.
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yeah thanks, I actually found it but I used all my meds and well the stupid electric box got me. Once I searched the bosses corpse and maybe I should have done that earlier. I did get round the electric box sorted out, by going around it, but its hard, however when the store room control enter said one object I will have to assume that its the electric box. reason I say is that I don't find anything bar shelf and electric box so I will have to asume electric box is the object.
if so then taking it is just not a good idea.
Hmm if it is a trap I wish it is not listed.
It makes me think I missed something.
its good I can save things though, it really sounds semi realistic, I can imagine myself with the weapons. Hmm blades are cool, man if I am fast enough I kill them before they kill me, this game releaves stress I recon.

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