well ladies and gents I hit caps accidently over my button pressing.
This is why the keys do not work, and is probably a good safety area.
There is a small way to find monsters if you so wish.
try to save in every room you enter and if the game says its a battle area then 
watch out.
I think I know how to actually get passed the bosses now, but I'd like help as 
I go along.
This game really is a but kicker.
One thing though apart from the electric box in the store room in level1 is the 
fact I can't get one of the containers open in the big room.
I am sure there is an item in this container.
However I have a room key, a storeroom key and a small key all have had their 
uses, however I can't open this one container, I have used ctrl enter to figure 
out what not to do and where stuff is but I really am in a pickle.
are some containers just there for experience of the game, ie atmosphere or are 
they supposed to be opened.
if so I suspect I am missing something important.
Hmm my sighted friends should be able to play this game, at least those without 
graphics  on their minds.
I have used the audiogames.net to view the game, I suppose I should read the 
manual to.

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