Howdy everyone.

I've recently picked up the MK collection for my playstation 2 as well
as mk unchained for my psp so have been busy reading all the faqs and
guides I can find.  These are real helpful overall however I could use
some tips like how to change fighting styles, which style you tend to
start with e.g. with your weapon or without etc.  I am mainly interested
in MK deception and unchained here since they are basically the same
thing from what I understand, Unchained is just the port of deception
for the psp.  If you have any info on Armageddon I will of course take
that too for later.

I've actually managed to do pretty well at the games from just basic
button bashing but I would rather have some idea of what I am doing as
this makes the games much more fun.  So, any info you have on playing
these would be much appreciated.

Game on!


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