Hey guys,
I got MK VS DC universe this morning, and here's what I think of it.
For those that have only played the newest mk titles, such as mk armageddon, you'll find the game plays totally different. First thing to note is there are no fighting styles. you have a single style just like in the older mk games. The up and down arrows will jump and crouch respectively. However you can still move in 3d by using the left analog stick, or by holding L2 while using up and down on the dPad. Not sure if it's just me, but moving in 3d feels kinda sluggish in this one. you can't dodge projectiles as easily as you did in MKA or deception. There are also a variety of new modes to get used to. First one is klose kombat, and this is basically a close quarters fighting type thing. The camera pans in, and you beat your opponents in very brutal ways up close. it's sorta of a guessing game, as you need to guess which button your opponent will press to counter his/her moves. Next mode is freefall kombat, and this is activated when you fall off an arena. it's basically almost identical to klose kombat. only difference is you need to fill up a meter which will allow you to activate character specific attacks that will slam the opponent back to the ground. Last mode is rage, and that's pretty self explanatory. when your rage meter fills up, you can activate it by pressing R 2 plus L2. it'll deactivate your hit reaction animations which will allow you to knock your opponent around for approximately 6 seconds. Next thing I'd like to discuss are the sounds. MK VS DC has some amazing sounds. The punches and special moves sound a lot more realistic. however, this too takes some getting used to as they are completely different from older mk titles. The story mode is completely accessible. they're just regular fights intertwined with cutscenes. I've completed the DC side of story mode, and am now working on MK. There is also a combo challenge mode, which will allow you to master combos obviously, plus some regular and pro moves. You won't be able to play this without sighted assistance at this time for obvious reasons. perhaps gamefaqs will have a walkthrough of it soon. I must say that it is extremely difficult to pull off these moves guys. training mode in previous mk games was a piece of cake compared to these. There's extreme timing involved. a very disappointing aspect is online play, at least for me. The playing itself is very solid, with no lag for the most part, but the lobby won't allow you to voice chat. you basically just type messages back and forth which we obviously can't do. Some reviews state that there's voice chat support, but I haven't actually seen any. perhaps the opponents I fought didn't have mics, who knows. It is also extremely hard to invite friends. it's just basically huge rooms with lots of people on it that you can challenge at any given time. keep in mind I'm discussing the ps3 version of online play. xbox could be totally different. if anyone figures out a way to make the online play a bit more blind friendly, then by all means, let me know. Think I've covered mostly everything. If you guys have any questions, feel free to drop me an email.
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