Hi all.
One thing that I wish would be announced is when you reach a box that is locked 
the name of the box is reannounced.
I got the silver key and all items in the silver box.
I also killed the evil woman and got the blue key.
I got the med eye from the second floor of chapter 2 and went around the acid 
only to find that I needed a code.
Ie the guidence indicated there was more in here.
So am I missing something, I have gone through most of the rooms, so now where 
is the blue door.
Man I really need a walkthrough for some of the tricky parts.
I also have no more amo for my pistol or revolver at the mo as used it all on 
I also will have to get more meds and such.
Someone really needs to do a walkthrough of the game and a play along of the 
game with stratogies on how to get past sertain bits.
The first  chapter was a breeze, nothing really to it once you got the layout 
of the electric boxes.
However this chapter 2 has got me stumped although I managed to figure out 
where more stuff was enabling me to go foreward.
Hmm I wander for lower experience levels, ie level 1 that we can have it where 
no monsters appear in rooms after they have got killed.
Its all well and good knowing where they are but after you have killed them a 
hundred times or so its boring.

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