Hello Alex.

I've actually been in contact with the developer of that Mod in the past, ----- there's a topic about it somewhere on audiogames.net with a link to a utube vid of someone playing it (though not doing too well).

I wasn't able to try it myself being totally without a copy of halflife 2, but I do know someone visually impared who does. he said it was a fun play, but several factors also made it more complex, ---- such as the fact that instead of walls to the playing area, you can just endlessly walk in one direction.

Also, while it's a great idea and advert for audio games, the problem was the developer had to specifically create and place all of the sound objects and sources in the Mod, for the mod.

Many objects in the actual halflife 2 game do not unfortunately have properties which could be modified to have them create sound, or have the player have tools such as a sonar.

All navigation in the Mod is done by specifically placed sound objects, ---- and according to my friend who tried the game (who also has played shades of doom), the spacing and audio navigation wasn't half as smooth as in shades.

so, a fun game, and a great way to get people interested in audio games, but sadly not an accessible halflife 2, ----- though the developer did say he was interested in perhaps making more audio games, ---- maybe something actually programmed by himself, so it's not all doom and gloom.

Beware the Grue!


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