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I agree that many of our games have a somewhat steep learning curve to
play correctly and effectively. This is also true of many sighted
games, although more of our curves are associated with understanding
our environment. There are some missions in Lone Wolf which I
personally do not like, but that's just because of their
over-complexity. The game, as a whole, has a moderate learning curve
associated with environmental access, fire control, and tracking.
Frankly, I find it to be a realistic representation of what
submariners had to go through. Sure, in a shoot-em-up game, you just
point and fire, usually from less than thirty feet away, but torpedos
had to travel thousands of yards to connect with their targets, a fact
which many of us forget. This sort of targeting and firing takes
finesse and strategy rather than fast reflexes, on most occasions.
The interface itself does include a sort of "fire now" tone, which is
quite helpful, considering the fact that the player doesn't have to do
the trigonometry himself.

My advice to anyone playing the game and finding it difficult or not
to their liking is this. Lone Wolf was a game designed to take some
practice. Submariners were usually Commanders or Captains in rank.
These people didn't just climb down into a sub and say "All right.
Let's see what this puppy can do." on their first days in the Navy.

Anyone can pick up a gun and pull the trigger. It takes skill to be a

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