Hi Charles,
Truer words were never spoken. It must have taken me three months after I purchased Lonewolf to be able to play the game on easy without having serious problems playing it. That actually was why I got the game to begin with. i know it was not going to be a game I would play and know everything about it in ten minutes or less. Remember mission 15? I refused to get spoilers, read walkthroughs, etc on that level until I completed it once through myself. It took me at least six months to figure out how to maneuver safely around the three mines blocking the cave entrance and it was fun. When I finally solved the puzzle i was happier than a duck in water. It was not an in instant discovery, but after that mine fields of any kind were no problem. It was that practice, trial and error, that made me a formatable player now. Now, days on the hardest levels i will rip through the enemy destroyers as if they weren't anything more harmful than bathtub toys.

Charles Rivard wrote:
Yes. And doing so takes learning and practice. You don't buy a gun at a gun shop and already know what to do with it. You learn from someone, then practice what they taught you until you get proficient enough to use it safely. In the case of Lone Wolf, your teaching tools can be the user's manual and experienced gamers, and the practice is known as playing the game. Nobody does it right the first time without help, I'll bet.

Pretty is as pretty does.

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