Yeah, cut scenes would add another level of enjoyment and would increase the game's overall immersiveness a lot! I am planning to replace some sounds with better or higher-quality ones and then I would perhaps release a mod, if the development of the game has already ceased. I would even record those cut scenes but that would require a programming change to implement them, although a quite simple one in my opinion: Just play a particular sound file before any events occur in the boss room, and possibly check if a certain key has been pressed, in which case terminate the sound file and go on. All objects making their sounds within a certain range, including perhaps enemy footsteps (but that would probably have to be a tough job to do) would definitely rock and is what I would ask for most importantly. More guns would also be fine but then there would have to be more levels or enemies to keep the game challenging to an extend. By the way, as soon as I defeat that black-cloth sucker, I shall complete my walk-through and make it available to the public. I seem to be stuck but I am not asking for hints yet, as this is the very first and also last part of the game that presents a problem to me.
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I'd like some other changes myself if there is ever another release.
1. the installer in english, it doesn't have to be how it is, but then its just me.
Objects to make noise when approaching them, like in shades of doom.
Monsters to scream when being hit.
boss dialog scenes would be good but probably to much to ask.
An interesting thing to note is that all the bosses after level 1 are quite hard, I still lose on level2 if I am not centred right.
And level3, don't get me started.
I have not got there yet, actually I don't have much luck, I don't get in line, maybe if I jump the acid I can shoot, jump run. Problem is I may not have enough kits, although this time I was easier with amo for guns.

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