Hi Tom.

Out of interest, which rules do you have?

The third edition rules made a lot more sense I thought and were much easier to master, ---- and probably the program, sinse they included things like positive armour classes which add to defence rather than remove from attack, though I'm not sure how available the 3rd Ed rule books are (I only know the rules from having played the game in tabletop).

Also, I'm personally becoming slightly disenchanted with the kill monsters for general Xp mechanic.

If you gain combat xp purely from the physical act of sswinging your weapons around, or have a quest to slay a hoard of goblins, or are a good character ridding the world of evil creatures fair enough, but just getting random amounts of xp for clobbering things as in D&D seems to me rather odd.

My brother did once tell me of a starwars D20 game he played in, which at one stage had a party of Jedi going wooky hunting sinse they needed to level up their force powers, and had worked out that wookies were A, easily killable, and B, would give great xp rewards.

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