Hi Tom.

Which version of Eamon were you running? was it delux?

I liked the delux version for all the extra tweaks, pluss it seemed to have unique games written for it which was unusual.

I admit though I rather lost patience after spending six hours modifying the console window, only to have the thing completely go splirky on me with the character screen!

I'll give it another go though when I can and contact the dev.

That might be a good idea anyway, sinse the in game menues use text highlighting and you need to be able to know the text colour to tell which choice is selected.

Sinse the original eamons didn't seem to have these menues, I assume it's part of the delux program, and as such could be modifyable without too much hastle, ----- afterall the colour of all in game text including highlighting is modifyable in the game as well, so I assume in theory it shouldn't be too difficult to just add a greater than sign to the highlighted menue choice as is usual in If menues.

the far more serious problem is the window business, and the waaaaaay more serious problem (at least for me), is the scary code of doom I get whenever I try loading or creating a character.

Beware the Grue!


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HI Dark,
Hmmm... Interesting. I didn't experience that problem on my Windows XP system, but Eamon did give me serious hastles on Vista. I'm not surprised as Vista as a major pain in the butt anyway when it comes to cooperating with older applications.

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