It just occurred to me, that Tom's text rpg would actually appeal to lots of 
people outside the accessible games community as well, such as all those fans 
of Gamebooks, Sryth, text adventures etc. 

For the purposes of accessible games awareness etc, I think it'd be great to 
have a text rpg with great writing and nice mechanics sitting on a site beside 
the likes of Mota. 

there are even various places I can think of which might host or be happy to 
have information about the game, everywhere from the Chronicles of Arborell 
forum to the Pc index of the If archive. 

Of course, this would mean also making the game playable by mouse, and having 
options such as a different text colour for clickable choices, ---- but that 
shouldn't be too much of a problem I think. 

Beware the Grue! 

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