Well, I'm just really getting into the hole Eamon thing with Eamon delux, and I 
must say things are actually really great! 

I love the building up xp phase, and the way the at a few commands are used to 
create puzles. 

I also thinkl that Eamon has one of the most understandable text mapping 
systems I've ever! seen. 

usually in most text games, ---- including things like Sryth, it'll tell you 
the exits from each location, but Eamon goes one further and actually describes 
the passage, ----  A T junction, a bend, a four way intersection or whatever. 

I've always had trouble in getting lost but this really helps me keep my 
bearings rather than just giving the exits. I don't know why,m ----- sinse 
afterall logically if your going east and the only exit is north you must be in 
a bend, --- but the way Eamon explicitely states it really does make my life 

I also like the Xp system, and the way that different adventures become more 
possible when you've built up xp in the easier ones, which gives some really 
great progression. 

Fights with multiple friendly and unfriendly monsters are also great fun, ---- 
particularly when I'm having to play cleric and heal my allies as they pound on 
the monsters. 

Being an early system, there are stil a few irritations I find.
While I didn't want to cheat too much, sinse the options to by raises in 
character stats available in the graphical main hall aren't in the text 
version, I didn't see it as too terrible to tweak the odds slightly, by 
pretending that I'd rolled all 8's for all stats, thus giving 24's in 
everything, ---- though I didn't mess about with the weapon or spell xp at all, 
sinse that just seemed wrong, or give myself stats that couldn't be obtained in 
the game with a lot of luck.

Even with this though, the carrying capacity on items is just frankly 
irritating, especially as dropping items seems mildly annoying.

Then, I really! wish there was a way to simulate the old verbose command in Z 
code if, ---- Ie, providing you full room descriptions everytime you enter a 
location, not just the first time. 

while I admit the "first time only" rule is a great help in working out if 
you've been to a location previously, it'd be really nice to have a toggle for 
when your searching around for secret passages or ways through certain puzles 
and want the full room description just in case you missed something. 

then, while some Eamon adventures seem to have a distinct exit, the ones that 
don't can seem a litle odd, ---- the first example of course being the 
beginner's cave. 

You can wander around for ages, and not be certain whether or not you've 
completed your goal. 

then again though, this really does seem to vary according to the author of the 

All in all though, I think this is something I'm going to have fun with. 

Beware the Grue! 

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