I'm really sorry, Eamon has been under discussion for a while now on the list, but obviously having just joined you wouldn't have come across it, ---- I should really have thought of that.

No, eamon isn't a mud (I don't myself really know much about or play muds, but that's another topic).

It's a text adventure and rpg system originally created in the 1980's for Aple computers, ---- with literally hundreds (about 250 I think) of different adventures written for it over the years by many people.

Eamon Delux is a pc port which comes with many, ---- possibly all, the adventures.

you can read about, and download it at at http://www.eamonag.org/pages/eamondx.htm

As I said, I'm well impressed with the game thus far, however there are a few things you need to do to get it to run properly and interact with a dscreen reader ssmoothly:

1: unfortunately, Eamon delux starts of is in a dos style console window, and begins running fullscreen, at which point a screen reader can't interact with the window, so you'll need to press alt enter to get it back to a doss window again. You'll probably have to do this whenever you go back to the main hall or start an adventure, ---- but the rest of the time things will be fine and it doesn't cause trouble as long as you know it's needed (you'll probably have to do this for the initial installing process as well).

2: The main hall, where you buy weapons and spells and from where your character can go on the various adventures, by default runs a graphical, ---- and consequencially inaccessible version. You'll need to go to the utilities menue when you've installed the program (7th option on the main menue), and select the second option there which will use the text version of the main hall.

3: irritatingly, running in a window, some text will be chopped off the screen. Thanks to Steven for letting me know, this is however easily fixable. Open the eamondx.bas file with notepad and change the line:

Screen 0width 40 cls colour 4.0

To read width 80 (I suggest just finding the word width with ctrl f and changing it to 80), and all text should appear fine.

Then, just have fun! imho Eamon is a really nice mix of combat and interactive fiction style puzles, and has a rather interesting experience system.

I also like the fact that you take the save character on multiple adventures and get experience with them in weaponry and such, ---- as well as earning lots of gold.

anyway, i hope this helps.

Beware the Grue!


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