Mega man 9 at least is also available for the wii, ----- which has actually been a strong point in it's favour.

I'd be slightly surprised if they don't release a wii version of Soul calibur Iv, given the release of Soul calibur chronicles.

I'm rapidly losing interest in the Mk series again given the lack of accessible story modes.

As to new games, unfortunately these days with graphics the way they are, and the intensive move into real time interactable 3D environments, ---- which is sort of the second wave of the 3D games started in the Ps1 days, new games aren't really a factor for me in considdering systems to buy anymore.

In fact, new game availability hasn't been a factor for me sinse 1994, the release of the Ps1, and the intensive boom in 3D gaming.

While it's been great for beat em ups, it's absolutely killed any access I have to other game genres such as platformers.

Beware the grue!


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