Hmmm I'm amazed you got a response from them. Personally, I didn't even get a response back in 2006 when they supposedly stil sold games and I was attempting to find out where to buy them.

I suggest you keep at them, sinse it'd be deffinately incredibly good to know if these games can indeed be redistributed, ----- possibly with requisite alterations to allow them to be played on different machines (sinse I understand that at least some of their titles had copy protection).

As I've said before, i think there are so few accessible games that losing any is a shame, ----- particularly I might add the audio versions of graphic style command adventures like time adventures and private detective school, ---- games which even had fully animated graphics for those who wished to use them.

I think getting a deffinitive yay or nay out of them on the copywrite issue would be a very good thing indeed.

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