Hi Hayri,
That is a good question. In an article I wrote for Audyssey Magazine Issue 54 I discussed Mysteries of the Ancients at length. Also recently I let it be known I was attempting to port the Mysteries of the Ancients code over to the cross platform Genesis Engine. Well, I was both successful and unsuccessful in the porting process. What basically happened over the passed month is I released Mysteries of the Ancients 0.4 stable to my testers to test out while I worked on the 0.5 cross platform version. Mysteries of the Ancients 0.4 proved to be fairly stable, and besides a few miner issues it was looking fairly good for a demo in the next month or so. Then, i decided to port the source code over to the cross platform Genesis engine so I could run the game on Linux and Mac computers. That was not such a good idea as it turned out. After I got the source code ported over to the cross platform Genesis Engine basically everything started going wrong. There are a number of stability issues in the cross platform engine I didn't know about such as you might be walking or running along and the game will suddenly exit without warning. One moment you are there running, firing, walking, whatever and the next the game closes on you. Another bug in 0.5 is you might pick up an item such as a scroll, ammo pack, and the game freezes and won't close. Forcing you to unload it via the Windows task manager. Something that unstable is totally unacceptable. So where I am right now, in this point in time, is I am rolling back to version 0.4, which was reasonably stable, and am going to work on the Windows based engine for the time being. When I am ready I will release the Windows release to the public, and work on the linux and Mac ports at a later time. Since there were a number of upgrades in 0.5 I'm going to have to do them all over again with 0.4 only this time put them into the older Windows only Genesis Engine and not the newer cross platform engine.

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