So, here I am, I started playing this game at:
Its quite rediculous, really. For anyone that knows anything about pokemon, 
level 4 pokemon, no matter what kind, cannot learn hyper beam. I mean yeah if 
your crazy enough to use a tm on one. So, my charmander kept getting demolished 
by these pokemon using crazy attacks. Not to mention, how exactly are you 
supposed to battle and make money, and catch pokemon and what not? How do you 
get to each town? Those are just a few of my questions. 
Someone said this game was great - it is to a point until the novelty wears off 
and it gets so confusing that I had to wait a few hours before I tried again.

So you register, pick your starter pokemon. There is no help at all to be found 
here. I can battle a trainer, yay. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, it says a 
wild pokemon appears! So, I start fighting. This pokemon is level 4, the same 
as mine. It uses icebeam. Seriously...it can use ice beam, flame thrower, surf, 
and tackle. Hows that for randomness? Then, I look at my pokemons attacks. Know 
what it had? Flamethrower, watergun, tackle, and scratch!

That's when I gave up on it. Maybe someone else here understands it more than i 
anyone have any ideas? 

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