Hi Stephen,

When making Mota, what was the very first thing you did?
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I am afraid I'm not sure of what exactly you are asking. At face value to answer your question I started up Visual C# 2005, now Visual C# 2008, and created a new project folder, project build settings, etc for the MOTA project. The usual boring stuff anyone does when preparing to write a new program from scratch using Visual C#.

also, you  know how the
game uses an .exe file to run? well, what was the .exe file before it was compiled?
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It is in a form we call source code. Simply put text files with hundreds, usually thousands, of programming specific commands that tell the program how to operate. There are several different programming languages C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Visual Basic, etc. Instead of a standard *.txt extention source files have an extention that is specific to the language. For example, C program source files have a *.C extention, Java source files have a *.java extention, C# source files have a *.cs extention, Visual Basic 2002 and above have a *.vb extention, etc. Anyway, what a compiler does is it takes all of your source files, text files with code in them, and compiles them into a *.exe file. At least usually. Not to confuse you but some languages such as tcl, Perl, and python are what we call runtime languages. That is a script style program that is started by running another program. For example,
python hello.py
would tell python to start my hello world program contained in hello.py. There are compilers for perl and python to make triditional *.exe programs, but the majority of perl/python programs are just source files that are started by running perl.exe or python.exe via the commandline. Then, there are your database programs like Orical, Mysql, Postgresql, that don't fall in either catagory. Basically, you speak to the database engine using a programming language known as sql and it carries out your instructions. Needless to say programming a database by hand is boring as watching paint dry and not worth talking about here. Though, most developers create some kind of front end program in Java, perl, php, python, C#, whatever that does all the complex work.

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