I'm James.  I've been an audiogamer for a while now.  My first was
PCS' shooting range, mobius and foxhounds back in 1997.  Grizzly Gulch
came 3 years later, and only in 03 did I discover companies like ESP
and Lworks.  I've been hooked ever since.

My favorite game is technoshock, followed by SOD.  Sidescrollers are
fun, and the original alchemy monty showed a lot of promise.  Tom's
version sounds fun too.

Instead of waiting for a time when this might apply, I thought I'd
throw this at the end of my message, as I just discovered this and
wouldn't want to forget it.  If anyone attempts to play games under
linux (soundrts is the only linux-native game I've tried), be sure to
disable or uninstall PulseAudio if you have it.  SDL and other sound
mixing apps use ALSA, and there is a noticable amount of lag when
using pulse with these apps (SoundRTS played a sound from 1-3 seconds
after a keypress on my 1.6 ghz netbook).  Speaking of linux gaming,
wine is definitely not out of the question - I've managed to run
superdeekout, some lworks free games (betas of super egg hunt and toy
robbery) almost entirely successfully after registering dlls (lworks
games drop out some sounds like chicken clucking or flapping or your
footsteps but they're still playable).  I have had more trouble before
wine 1.0 was released late last summer, but now more programs run than
ever (unfortunately technoshock plays intro and menu sound, but
keyboard input doesn't work at all *WHYYYYY?*).  I've shifted
completely away from windows (haven't used it since the beginning of
the year), and darwine on the mac works a little less well than it's
linux equivalent.  Despite that, Super Deekout runs perfectly on both.


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