hey all.
hmm, in these last hours i was without anything good to do, so i'm
thinking in a idea for a new game.
i imagine this whouldn't take many time to develope, but i'm not even a
amateur in programing, so have no idea.
my idea for the game is the following:
a fighting game, but not a normal fighting game like the main stream
ones, for example mortal combat, tekken, etc...
i'd like to see something like:
for a short game, it could have random things wen loading, for example
the size of the place. for example a street. the game could have lets
say 5 chars to choose (if the time permits even do more) and one stage,
that change everytime you start a game with the random things.
so, the street could have cars pasting around, so if you don't take
care, they can hit you, trash cans, pipes, that you could take to hit
your enemy, walls, and some more things that could hurt your enemy.
or that hitting a good combo of punchs and kicks you could cause he to
go and be hurt in certain places, depending in his location.
then, each char could have two types of punchs, the high and low punch,
and the two types of kick, high and low tow.
and with the combinations of buttons you could create a combo, and a key
for taking / throwing objects at your enemy.
and another key for a special, that could be for example, punching and
kicking your
enemy many times until he is in the ground, then you could press this
key to  get his head and start
crashing  it in the ground, or a wall...
but, the streets could be a normal street, not extremely big, but not
something small where you move some steps and awreade find your enemyes.
hmm, what do you guys think of the idea? did you think that it worth
trying create a game like this?
personaly i'd love to see a fighting game in this style...
there was danger city, but hmm, well, it was a side scroller, i whould
really prefer something with free movement.
and it whouldn't get tow boring, well, it whould just have one option,
the fight against the computer, so you choose a char, and they random
chooses another, then you can set in the setting the difficulty of the
game, and with the stages random, it can give much replayability...
but if someone is really interested in doing a good game, then it can
generate some chars to you fight against, and then a boss, than can
depends tow, could be random.
but the first one is much more simple to do than this one i think.
well, so what do you all think?
anyone in the future is interested to working on it or in a cimilar
it maybe can even have online play, then it whould rocks......
well its that.
thanks and best regards.

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