Aaron said:
I did run into a new problem. When you do the ctrl+down arrow key sequence to duck, and you hold the control key, it doesn't keep her from standing up again, she eventually stands back up. And if you hold down the ctrl+down arrow sequence she will get down,
stand up, get down again over and over again.

Tom Says:
That's correct. I see I forgot to document this in the change log but you are not able to remain in a crouching/ducking state for more than a few seconds. If you are there more than a second or 2 the game automatically stands you back up. In short your not meant to hold the control+down arrow keys down any more.

Aaron said:
I think there should be a slight delay
after doing a jump left, right, or up, because she'll probably need to get her balance again. So I'm not actually talking about between the time a jump is initiated and the time a jump is completed, I mean after a jump is completed she should probably
pause a second before she can do anything else.

Tom Says:
Actually, I have plans to work on that in Beta 3. There is a jump bug associated with joysticks/game pads where if you hold the jump button down Angela will jump so fast that one second you are on the left side of the room and before you have time to respond you are on the other end of the room or end up dead. So I have plans to make it so you can't jump immediately after a jump. You might have to step left or right or wait a second or two before jumping again.

Aaron said:
I can't seem to jump onto a rope fromm directly below it. I can jump to the left and land on it, or to the right, if i'm to the left of the rope obviously. But I can't center the rope in my stereo field and jump streight up and get hold of it,
or at least i've never been able to do it.

Tom says:
Yeah, I am well aware of this bug. I've known about this since Beta 1, but haven't yet found the cause of the bug. I've checked and rechecked the code and there is no logical reason why this is happening, but it does. So it is one of those things I'll fix when I find out why it is broken.


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