As I just mentioned in the previous post there are two reasons why a weapon might not be doing any damage. First, you are too close. If you are too close you can't correctly aim, swing your sword, etc because of lack of room to maneuver in. Second, the enemy is out of range. In that case you flat out miss because it is too far away to hit. As far as your panning suggestion can you explain further? I'm afraid I'm not sure exactly what you are suggesting/asking. As for ducking I know it is fairly messed up. I've tried, but can't exactly get it right. If I don't resolve it soon I'm strongly considering just scrapping the duck command altogether. That's how annoyed I am with it right now. Grin.

Shadow Dragon wrote:
Yeah, I've seen something like this before, sometimes your weapons just outright stop working on enemies and you have to run in the opposite direction and turn back around to be able to do damage. Also, any chance the attacks could have some kind of connection sound and panning, so crouching would be a bit easier and make more sense? At the moment it just sounds odd, you hear the attack go off, then the character just randomly yells out, haha. Its kind of amusing, but makes getting into any kind of rhythm a bit tough. Also every once in a while crouching seems to disable itself, if you hold it down you'll crouch a bunch in rapid succession, but if you try to time it, sometimes crouch just outright doesn't work and you end up taking a hit before you can crouch again.

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