Wow, well done Sean, did you write this list of game companies right off the top of your head, if so, well done sir, yer a freaking walking accessible gaming encyclopedia.
 Now if we could just get a spell checker with that encyclopedia...
By the way, Blind Adrenaline is spelled like this, and I make no secret that my next title will be an online fighting game, release date to be determined, while the online Texas hold em and Hearts games will be out in the next 3 weeks.

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hmmm don't know however be aware that game companies will keep quiet unless they have something to say. After various issues with release dates most will stay quiet until they actually have something. They used to be quite vocal about what they had until they started missing deadlines. this caused complaints even though some of the reasons were actual lagit ones.
And ofcause every time they went quiet people asked why.
And then people whined etc, etc.
So I'm not supprised that they are quiet.
saying that its been known to happen that people dissapear down various holes in the dungeon floor never to be heard from again, mostly without a trace, surrealhorisons was one such company that fell into a pit never to come out.
nasoft is another,.
There have been a load of merged projects to.
Usagames is known to be active as is jim kitchen.
Rsgames is known to be taking a break, lworks is waiting for streamway.
Blastbay is quiet supposedly working on streamway.
lworks is at reduced level right now as liam has an actual job.
Gma and pcs don't seem to be actually doing anything but who knows what the 2 oldest fullas in the business get up to. draconis is known to still be developing although unknown what is exactly happening, only that its all big. bsc, games for the blind, etc don't know maybe they are in a pit somewhere.
then there is soundrts.
At last point they were developing but then who knows there has not been a release for ages, maybe because they were rewriting the code for bits and bobs.
the rest?
blindadreneline is still vary much active.
a load of stuff mostly opensource and misc is floating on that other universe where stuff just randomly appears in our space.
Adora is gone or rather all that matters is thats merged.
lastcrusade&decent into madness seem to be gone.
moosic is dead, at least there was supposed to be a final version out to fix issues with the program not working right. Some devs sites and email addresses like the one for the dev of arena have disexisted which means I can't track whats going on. x-sight is not doing anything so far at least nothing to release although they actually have a tracking blog for progress on their running although nothing much apart from the fact we know that the system is active.
vipgameszone is not doing anything except for their new sound system.
I think that covers everyone.

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