Hi Che, for many years, I've always hoping to have a good fighting game that is 
totally accessible. My dream is going to come through. Your online fighting 
game sounds very promissing and is the game I am most looking forward to have 
my hands on.
About controllers: not sure how much work you are going to put in for keyboard 
only users. If they have limited playability, that will put them off. Maybe is 
still possible to let them have all the special moves, just that they have to 
remember more key strokes. For instance if a combo is pulled off by drawing a 
lower half circle to the right, the keyboard combo can be arrow left, down, 
right followed by a low punch key. Not sure if that will work. Even if so, I am 
definitely for the wii remote. That sure makes game play more fun and feels 
more exciting.

As for game features, I hope to be able to just sit in to watch the fight even 
if I am not involved in the competition just like what you did for your holdem. 
If there are different voices for each character and we are familiar with the 
game sounds, it is also very fun just to sit and watch and catch all the 
actions. As for tournaments, besides multi player tournaments, we can also have 
a 2 players head to head clash where by we each pick 5 characters and play best 
out of 3. This is especially good if we can't find many players online at a 
certain time.

Kelvin, you mentioned about game replayability and difficulty, that not only 
involves programming skills, but also actually depend very much on the game 
deloper's gaming ability. What makes rail racer so much fun is because Che is a 
good racer himself. If a game deloper who is creating a racing game can't do 
well in other racing games like rail racer, top speed or Homer on a Harley, you 
cannot expect much from him. His end product will be easy and won't be much fun 
to play.

锦发/Steady Goh
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  hey man. it's great to hear the the fighting game is in the works.

  i totally agree that blind gamers should get into using the mouse for game 
  play. but of course the ability to use the keyboard should be still 
  available for the more old fashioned fighter who might just end up banging 
  on what ever key on the keyboard. but i definitely agree that some special 
  moves should only have the ability to be performed by the mouse or game pad 
  etc. it's time we should stop spoon feeding those who are stubborn. some 
  guys here, whenever they run into any difficulties in game play, they will 
  just comment that this game or that game is too difficult! is it possible to 
  make it easier for me so that i can complete the game please please? and 
  then some of the game developers here will just happily nod and comply, well 
  that's up to each individual, but i'm definitely not going to ask for a game 
  to be made easier just because i 1 2 win or complete them. to me, game 
  replayability is the most important, and when there is no longer a 
  challenge, where can the game replayibility be? multiplayer games like rail 
  racer, sound rts, and even a few games from vipgamezone e.g. galaxy ranger, 
  definitely have replayability in my opinion.
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