Hi all,
I've been getting lots of request for info on the online fighting game I am working on, so I figured I would post some of the info I have here. Keep in mind this is all subject to change, depending on what testing brings about. After the hold em and hearts card games are released in the next couple of weeks, I am going to start testing with a basic boxing game to see what kind of average latency we are getting round trip with my dedicated server. If it is acceptable, I will flesh the game out and eventually release it as a commercial product. Based on tests we did with the Rail Racer Battle game, I think the latencies will be good enough to do this, and I have already built the web code for everyone to interface through.
 So here is what I want to do with the game assuming all tests work out.
The game will be in the style of a 3D first person perspective fighter. You will have basic moves that everyone shares, as well as special moves, depending on what character build you start with. The special moves will require combos, so if you are playing with the mouse, you may have to draw an s shape to throw a energy strike for example. As you move up in rank and training levels, you will unlock more combos, but you will have to train these combos in the practice room to get them up to 100 percent effectiveness. you will be able to build up your character as you mature, adding skill points to different categories such as strength, dexterity, etc. The game will be set in a future world where technology and magic have been bound together. Your sword may be blessed with the rune of Pyros for instance, making it leave behind a flaming wound upon cutting your opponent. Or perhaps your arm has been amputated and replaced with a hydraulic borg appendage capable of ripping the guts from your enemies, assuming you have enough money to keep it charged of course. There will be tournaments for money that can be spent on armor, weapons, and training. There will be a room for fighters to meet and chat, arrange matches and tournaments, etc. I will be creating an integrated tournament system kind of like the current rail racer tournament set up, except this one will allow anyone to create a quick tournament if they want to fight their friends and it will keep track of everything automatically. So for instance if 4 people want to have a competition with an entry fee of $1000, with the entire pot going to the winner, they can do that, no need for an admin to create a tournament for them. I am researching using the Wii remotes, something I am 90 percent sure can be done, and will add a killer bit of interaction to the game. You will have to spend your money wisely to be the most effective fighter possible. Do you spend that last $500 on one more training lesson, or pay for a frost protection spell for your plate armor, knowing your next opponent will be armed with a negative thermo weapon. Your setup before battle will be crucial. Those are the things I will definately be aiming to do if I go ahead with it. In addition, I may include sword and light saber fighting, which would be way cool with the mouse or Wii remote, if Lucas Arts wants to come after me for making a light saber game, let them bring it on, I'm sick of being told what I can and cannot do by game companies that won't put even the most basic of accessible features in their games. Additionally, you may be able to improve you weapons, pay to have spells cast on them for better performance, etc. If you have played rail racer, you know I can pull this off, other than the Wii remotes there is nothing here I haven't done already in another form, so I'm not just talking out of my rear end here. So overall, I think it is gonna be a lot of killer fun. I'll be starting a blog on development once we get rolling, but in the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions, now is the time to let me know before coding starts in ernest. I want to make this the best fighting game for the blind for years to come, and I need your input to do it. Folks have asked me about beta testing as well. I have a great group of dedicated testers right now. Once we get the game to beta stage, I will start selling the game to folks that want to go ahead and join the beta team and start playing as the game develops. But for now I'm good on testers, so I won't be adding anymore until beta.
 So what do ya think?
BTW, if you respond to this long message, please be courteous and delete what I have written, as there is a limit to message size on list,and this bad boy is already pretty long.
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