Greetings Thomas.

I recently purchased a Logitech Rumblepad II to replace my old gamepad which 
was suffering from a short in the wire.
I decided to test MOTA's abilities with it, and here are my conclusions:

1. The menus (Both main menu and inventory menus) do not properly support 
gamepad input. When I pres button 1 (the action button), it moves up in the 
menu, and pressing button 4 moves down the menu. No other gamepad buttons are 
recognized, and there is no way to select an item.

2. When playing the game, the program does not recognize commands via the POV 
(hat) directional buttons (the four arrow buttons on most gamepads). Instead, 
it relies solely on the analog stick for movement. While this is 
understandable, it would be nice to be able to also move with the POV buttons.

3. There is no way to run when using the gamepad, so you're effectively stuck 
walking. Seeing as it uses analog input, would it be possible to make the 
character run when the stick is fully to the left/right/etc? Otherwise, perhaps 
another modifier key?

4. You cannot switch between weapons on the fly with the gamepad, but I assume 
this could be addressed if the gamepad/menu issue were resolved.

5. Related to both keyboard and gamepad input: When holding down the crouch 
combinations, the program seems to be playing the crouch sound over and over, 
at an extremely high rate, so that what you effectively hear is a kind of buzz. 
Perhaps this is only on my system, though.

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