Matheus wrote:
hi man!
the project is awesome, this is something i'm really wanting!
maybe can i just suggest another feature?
these things in offline mode tow, i mean, creating a offline mode tow,
bekause the players don't will have always a internet connection
available,  and will want to play the game.
but the choice is yours, i know that programming takes a really long
time and implementing it maybe will just be tow much for you.
if we are going to be able to play the game just using the keyboard or
mouse i'm deffinitely going to buy it wen it comes out.
End quote

Hi Matheus,
----- Yes, the training mode will be a form of offline play, at this point I'm not sure how robust the artificial intelligence will be however. There will definately be mouse support, but I'm not sure about keyboard, as it will be difficult to translate some of the combos into keyboard input. Personally, I loathe playing action games with the keyboard, it is like trying to tap dance in combat boots, there is just no subtlety of control there. Frankly, I think it is past time accessible gamers got used to using a mouse, as it opens up a whole new vista of opportunities with gaming. In rail racer, once you get used to the mouse, you can practically feel your racer leaning into the turns, and that is the kind of feel I want to get out of this fighting game, I want you to feel like you are right there.

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