Personally Jeremy, I'd just view the plausability of Tom's joke as part of the thing that made it classic.

I admit, if he did this frequently it would be irritating and possibly put people off checking, but I don't personally see how a single harmless april fool's joke could put anyone off downloading a game.

As long as Tom doesn't make a habbit of issuing false release info I don't really see anyone being so overcome with rage as to never play his games again, or anything like that.

As for the checking E-mails business, Tom did state in the original message that it was a Joke.

When i myself have been especially busy working on my phd or away from my computer for long periods, I go through my E-mails sequencially, and read those that look interesting to me (even release info for new games sinse I usually like to know about new features).

As I said, this just strikes me as a simple, easily corrected mistake, and no reason for yourself, or anyone else to become irritated, nor do I really see what you mean about it not including people.

Beware the Grue!


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