Yeah, one thing I didn't mention earlier is that the distance/direction command or commands would be only for the currently selected target. I am using a targeting system similar to GMA Tank Commander. You would use the n key to cycle through the available targets in firing range, and use the distance/direction commands to find out where the target is in relation to you. This seams to me the most accessible way to do it in a full 3d environment. Obviously, I will have a targeting beep to help line things up, but I figure some players might need some frequent verbal feedback as well.

shaun everiss wrote:
> I like the first option.
> the only thing though, is you really need to set it for single enemy only, I don't want a big list unless it is a list ofcause then I select one lock it, etc. > in sod and other such games for example depending on the direction I know when it is in front and definately with the drum allert know when its behind.
> I know if its aproximitly in front of me i should hit it.
> Saying it that I do then use the distance key for shortrange weapons and sometimes longrange weapons. > I would have a key that would tell me that info on you system and maybe have some sort of lock on thing where you get in range of it and it of you. > Although in sod night of parasite, etc its possible to get in a position where the enemy can see you but you are not in a position to fire back, ie something is blocking even though you could be about in range.

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