Hi Lukas,
Good point. One thing to keep in mind here is because we are dealing with an actual 3d environment, not just 3d audio, that is definitely going to add complexity to my future titles. For example, targeting is going to be a bit more complex then most accessible game players are certainly use to. Depending on if the enemy is above, below, or level with you your weapon has to be raised or lowered in addition to facing the target. Lining up a target can be tricky, and I hope the additional complexity there doesn't throw too many people off. Another area of complexity is just navigation itself. I don't know how many times I've read complaints from gamers who have difficulty with a game such as Shades of Doom, Sarah, or Teraformers. Well, if they are having difficulty with a 2d level layout adding a full 3d level layout is going to be more difficult for them. Not only will they have the typical north, south, east, and west directions but have to climb up and down on ropes, vines, ladders, staircases, whatever as well. Thus moving around is not only more realistic, but much harder to present in an audio only format. Let's say you want to give the player a really tricky room. Maybe you need to skale a wall to get to a lever that releases a trap door in the floor. Once you climb up there, pull the lever, jump back to the floor, you can open the trap door and descent into a room below the one you are in to get the gold and gems hidden there. Sounds cool here, but imagine trying to let the gamer know all that with audio only. Especially, if you can't just skale straight up the wall, and instead have to climb left and right looking for handholds to pull yourself up to the lever. That's not easy to clearly communicate to a totally blind player.

Lukás Hosnedl wrote:
yeah, I would definitely prefer the second, more involved way for separate commands for each particular piece of information, and maybe one overal review command to get a view of the entire situation, maybe when the game is paused, or you are simply in no immediate danger of being killed while listening to the long list of the various enemy's positions. :-D I don't mind a more complex and detailed interface to control the game, even if it's not common among the blind gaming community yet and requires a steeper learning curve and more getting used to than is usual, if only it can provide me with exactly what I need effectively and quickly. It wasn't probably even needed to include a more thorough targetting or other systems in games like SOD, GTC, etc, since they aren't as complex as you probably intend to make your ffuture creations. But I do certainly think that an engine like Genesis 3D, with all its potential and usage possibilities, should definitely handle targetting and information presentation in general in such a proficient way.

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