Hi Michael and all,
I'd like to clarify why I am asking this question. It is not so much a question of possibility, but weather or not keeping arcade mode is in the best interests of the game and for the engine in general. I had numerous problems in the early days of Mysteries of the Ancients spauning your character at the wrong place, the game crashed when spauning, and other bugs here and there throughout the development cycle. I have fixed most of those bugs in the .NET based engine that MOTA was based on, but lacks features of my cross platform game engine which i think is stable enough to begin creating games with. I've been trying out MOTA on it to see how stable it is as well as fix any and all errors in the new engine since Mysteries of the Ancients is a fairly straight forward and easy game compared to the games I plan to create with it later on. My worry is if I start hankying with the engine to add in all the scoring, multiple lives, etc the same bugs and problems I had earlier might come back and screw the engine up in the process. Therefore before i do it I was hoping to see if this was a big feature request, and if spending the next few months possibly debugging an arcade mode was worth it. On the other hand I might be worrying over nothing. As I have arcade mode mostly debugged in the Windows port of the game, as of Beta 4, as long as I follow my logic and code closely I might avoid all prier issues altogether. I just don't know until I do it. I don't want to discurrage anyone from requesting an arcade mode, but wanted you and others to know there is a risk to introducing it into the new engine.

Michael Feir wrote:
I very much prefer the arcade mode. Please keep that in there if possible.
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